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28 March 2009 @ 10:49 am
Ah-ha, so you are interested in becoming a Game Place Admin!? Sweet... There are just a few requirements and questions first. these comments will be screened

Now, i don't expect you to own a great deal in regards to the platform but i do ask for a general knowledge.

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heartilyv3heartilyv3 on May 17th, 2009 07:15 am (UTC)
Name: Ellie
Age: 21
Admin Interest: Playstation

How long have you been a dedicated Gamer: For as long as I can remember. Unfortunately for my gaming life though, I am also a dedicated student and worker, so, I don't have the time to play as much as I want/used to.
In regards to Admin choice, what do you own: Just me: Playstation3, Nintendo DS Lite, PSP, Xbox360, N-64. My nephew, who lives right next door to me still has his old PS systems, a 360, Wii, and even though he has a Wii, he has his Gamecube still too. (The reason for giving my nephews consoles is simple: We share our systems with each other and have easy access to ALL systems I have mentioned since we live next door to each other.)
What games do you own/play frequently:I love my RPGs. I have most of the FF series, on several different consoles, Folklore. Need for Speed series, Gran Turismo series, Ace Combat series...RE series...the list goes on.
Do you play via rent or buying: If I REALLY like a game, I buy it. BUT...I'm a manager at GameStop. Us employees are allowed to sign out and take home a used game for 4 days at a time. Since it's free, the sensible thing is to take advantage of that. Teehee.
How many hours per week do you game: I can't honestly say. Not much during school sessions. During the summer/breaks, all-nighters aren't a rare occurrence.
Do you look up information on upcoming games: Constantly. It's my job. ^_~
Why do you love Gaming: I'm a communications major who's about to get into film school. Most forms of media are entertaining. Video Games is just something I take extra time with because it's just fun.
What's your favorite Game: Final Fantasy VIII. Hands down.
What would make you a good admin / Why are you interested: This application would be a waste of your and my time if I wouldn't make a good one. And truthfully, I was looking through LJ communities based off of my own interests, in an attempt to make more friends and establish a network here. Naturally video games is an interest I searched. I stumbled upon this thread, and I like the organization that is being proposed here, and putting the ideas you've mentioned in one of your posts into action would be fun.

What's your availability: Unfortunately, it's at random. Fortunately, I do make a point to log on and check out the internet, usually an hour a day at the least, every day.
Contact Information: heartilyv3<---LJ. Elliebear88@yahoo.com <---E-mail. xBugx514 <---AIM
heartilyv3heartilyv3 on May 17th, 2009 07:21 am (UTC)
I misread one of the questions. I thought it asked "would you make a good admin..." I totally overlooked the word "what"

So my answer is, it comes easy to me. I've been admin to message boards before. Being an admin is just a mixture of leadership and organization, respect for everyone else (the respect is important. Just because one is in a position to direct people, that doesn't make them better than others or more loyal/active member of something), and interest in what you are doing.